National Land Policy (Kenya)



The National Land Policy (NLP) has a vision to guide the country towards a sustainable and equitable use of land. The land policy calls for immediate actions to addressing environmental problems that affect land such as degradation, soil erosion and pollution. For instance, the policy stipulates the principle of conservation and management of land based natural resources, the principle of protection and management of fragile and critical ecosystems including wetlands and arid lands. The policy further calls for extensive overhauls to current policies and institutions in an attempt to address chronic land tenure insecurity and inequity. The National Land Policy designates all land in Kenya as public, private (freehold or leasehold tenure), or community/trust land, which is held, managed and used by a specific community. This land policy has thus been formulated to address the critical issues of land administration, access to land, land use planning,  restitution of historical injustices, environmental degradation, conflicts, unplanned proliferation of informal urban settlements, outdated legal framework, institutional framework and information management.