National Environmental Policy, 2012. Revised Draft #4 (Kenya)



The revised draft of the National Environmental Policy, dated April 2012, sets out  important provisions relating to the management of ecosystems and the sustainable use of natural resources, and recognises that natural systems are under intense pressure from human activities particularly for critical ecosystems including forests, grasslands and arid and semi-arid lands. The objectives of the Policy include developing an integrated approch to environmental management, strengthening the legal and institutional framework for effective coordination, promoting environmental management tools (including PES), supporting the implementation of the Forests Act 2005, and developing national standards and appropriate forest-based development mechanisms in emerging carbon markets. 

The key policy statements emanating from the forestry and ecsosytems section of the National Environmental Policy, include the Government of Kenya's pledge to 1) formulate an innovative strategy to increase forest and tree cover from the current  to at least 10% as required under the Constitution 2) develop and implement a National Strategy for Rehabilitation and Restoration of degraded forest ecosystems 3) protect and conserve forests located in key water catchment areas 4) support effective implementation of the Forests Act, 2005 5) develop and implement cost-effective, objective and measurable national standards, principles and criteria of sustainable forest managemen and 7) develop and support appropriate forest-based development mechanisms in the emerging carbon markets.