National Climate Change Policy (Guatemala)

Política Nacional de Cambio Climático (Guatemala)


The National Climate Change Policy was adopted by the previous (as at September 2013) Government in 2009. Its overall objective (Chapter IV) is for Guatemala, through Government, Municipalities and civil society, to adopt risk reduction actions, improve adaptation to climate change, reduce emissions, improve quality of life and effectively participate in climate change negotiations. This involves action in three main areas: (i) institutional capacity building on climate change; (ii) adaptation and risk reduction; and (iii) mitigation. 

Chapter V, Section 3 sets out the specific areas of action in mitigation. Though it does not mention REDD+ by name, it does say that Guatemala will create a legal and technical framework for forest carbon projects, develop a portfolio of projects and encourage investment in them (3.c). Guatemala will also investigate and promote different carbon market mechanisms to reduce emissions (3.d) and will create a National Climate Change Fund (3.e). The draft  Climate Change Law of 2010 proposes the creation of that fund.