Guyana National Forest Policy Statement



The National Forest Policy Statement was issued in 2011. The overall objective of the Policy is the conservation, protection, management and utilisation of the nation's forest resoruces, while ensuring that the productive capacity of the forests for both goods and services is maintained or enhanced.

It has specific objectives to:

(a) promote the sustainable and efficient forest activities which utilise the broad range of forest resources and contribute to national development while allowing fair returns to local and foreign entrepreneurs and investors;

(b) achieve improved sustainable forest resource yields while ensuring the conservation of ecosystems, biodiversity and the environment;

(c) ensure watershed protection and rehabilitation: prevent and arrest the erosion of soils and the degradation of forests, grazing lands, soil and water; promote natural regeneration, afforestation and reforestation; and protect the forest against fire, pests and other hazards; and

(d) identify and quantify environmental services to generate forest incentives for national development.

With regard to REDD+ the Guyana Forestry Commission is commited to supporting:

- a regular, systematic policy and political dialogue to facilitate a constructive exchange of views on global climate change and relevant environmental issues, such as biodiversity

- collaboration, knowledge building, and sharing of lessons learned within the field of sustainable, low-carbon development, with REDD-plus as the key component of this.

- collaboration on REDD+

The Commission is also committed to implementing Guyana's RPP. In particular the Commission is committed to:

- A contiunous consultation process

- Preparation of the REDD-plus strategy

- Development of a Reference scenario

- Design of a Monitoring, Report and Verification System.