National Development Plan 2010-2014 (Colombia) "Prosperity for All"

Plan Nacional de Desarrollo 2010-2014 (Colombia) "Prosperidad para Todos"
PND 2010-2014


Under the 1991 Constitution, within six months of the beginning of each term, each incoming President must present a National Development Plan (Plan Nacional de Desarrollo: PND) setting out their key policies for their government. The current government’s PND covers 2010-2014 and is entitled “Prosperity for All” (Prosperidad para Todos) and was enacted by law 1450 of 2011. 

It is striking that four of the “Five Locomotives of Development” (agriculture, mining, infrastructure and housing) that it prioritizes also figure among the principle drivers of deforestation, creating a potential conflict between the development and conservation agenda.  

The PND 2010-2014 sets out new policies and the institutional architecture to tackle climate change (fleshed out in CONPES 3700 of 2011). 

There are two strategies for adaptation and two for mitigation. The strategies for adaptation are: i) Implementation of a “National Climate Change Adaptation Plan” and ii) a “Financial Protection Strategy against climate related Disasters”. In mitigation they are: iii) The “Colombian Strategy for Low Carbon Development (ECDBC)” and iv) within that the “National Strategy for Reducing Emissions from Deforestation (ENREDD+)”.

The 2010-2014 PND also lays out a new National Climate Change System (SISCLIMA) to implement the national policies on climate change including REDD+. The Intersectorial Commission on Climate Change (COMICC) will lead SISCLIMA but at the time of writing (July 2013) the decree to actually establish SISCLIMA had not been issued.