National Climate Change Strategy (Peru)

Estrategia Nacional de Cambio Climático


The National Climate Change Strategy (ENCC) was initiated in 2003 and later revised in 2009. The ENCC aims to provide guidance and information on climate change for national, sectoral and regional development plans and projects, including REDD+. The objective of this strategy is to reduce adverse impacts of climate change through integrated studies of vulnerability and adaptation. It also proposes measures for a more rational management of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, better management of forests for increased carbon sequestration, and distribution of knowledge and information about climate change. The ENCC recognises that deforestation is a major source of national GHG emissions and aims to reduce emissions in order to contribute to climate change mitigation. In addition, the ENCC specifically contains elements relevant for forests, such as to reduce deforestation and shifting agriculture (principle 13) and to protect vulnerable ecosystems and increase carbon capture (strategy 9).