Action Plan for Adaptation and Mitigation Against Climate Change (Peru)

Plan de Acción de Adaptación y Mitigación Frente al Cambio Climático


This plan describes the proposals of the Ministry of Environment (MINAM) for programmes, projects and priorities for both the short and medium term in relation to climate change. It is the first approach of the Guidelines for Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy against Climate Change that is being formulated through the National Climate Change Committee (NCCC). 

The proposal covers the roles of all stakeholders, including the public sector, business areas and community-engagement, in activities related to the generation of greenhouse gas emissions. In addition, it also covers the operation of carbon markets, study and research into the economic and social risks and impacts of climate change, as well as sectoral and regional development projects and activities, all of which must include climate change adaptation.

The Action Plan intends to contribute to reducing emissions and increasing sequestration of greenhouse gases (GHGs). To achieve this the plan involves increasing forest coverage through forest plantations for carbon sequestration, promoting the development and implementation of Regional Strategies on climate change, strengthening the monitoring and prediction of natural phenomena (weather, water and/or oceanographic), estimating the occurrence of hazards and levels of vulnerability to climate change, and incorporating risk management into the planning system and budget for sustainable development at national, regional and local levels.

Institutional arrangements

The Ministry of Environment coordinates with other institutions in relation to mitigation and adaptation to climate change, such as the Ministry of Agriculture. Activities implemented as part of this action plan need the support of various institutions and to consider the role of regional governments, who have responsibilities related to climate change, specifically in the area of forest exploitation.