The Forest Act, 2002 (Tanzania)



The Forest Act of Tanzania aims at providing for the management of forests, and to repeal certain laws relating to forests and related matters.  Although the Act does not specifically address REDD+ programs, it provides for the general legal framework for the conservation and management of forests, which may also be implied in REDD+ related activities. The Forest Act is of specific relevance to REDD+ because it i) supports the implementation of Participatory Forest Management (PFM), which is a strategy to achieve sustainable forest management by encouraging the management or co-management of forest and woodland resources by the communities living closest to the resources, supported by a range of other stakeholders drawn from local government, civil society and the private sector; and ii) it established the Tanzania Forest Fund, which could become relevant for future funding mechanisms or financial support towards REDD+ related activities.  Additionally, according to the Act, the Minster responsible for forests may declare forest reserves, restrict or prohibit the carrying out of certain activities in or around forests for the purpose of conserving or managing them. The Minister is also vested with the power to make rules for purposes of regulating the use or occupation of land and any other natural resources found in forest reserves.