Decree No. 103/CAB/PM dated June 13, 2012 regarding the creation, organisation and operation of the steering committee for activities to reduce emissions from deforestation, degradation, sustainable management and conservation of forests, REDD+

Arrete N° 103/CAB/PM du 13 Juin 2012 portant création, organisation et foncionnement du Comité de Pilotage des activités de Réduction des Emissions issues de la Déforestation, de la Degradation, de la gestion durable et de la conservation des forêts, "RED


This law gives the REDD+ Steering Committee the official mandate for the management of the REDD+ process and renders this institutional structure for REDD+ permanent. According to this law, the steering committee is reponsible for formulating proposals for REDD+ strategy options, provide feedback regarding the implementation of these strategies, develop selection criteria for REDD+ projects, evaluate REDD+ pilot project proposals to advise the Minister of the Environment (who makes the final decision for REDD+ projects), promote REDD+ activities, and validate the work of the Technical Secretary.