Sustainable Forest Management and Rural Livelihood Enhancement through Community Forestry and REDD Initiatives in Cambodia



Building on the previous work of the “Capacity Building for Sustainable Forest and Land Management Project (CBSFLMP)”, this project will work in the same seven provinces, plus two additional provinces, to help take 200 villages already involved in community forestry further. For some, the focus will be securing legal agreements; for those with agreements, the focus will be management planning and enterprise development. The project will also identify other potential sites in the provinces and raise community awareness of the opportunities provided by community forestry and emerging systems such as REDD+. The European Commission is providing funding, and Oxfam Great Britain and the Forestry Administration are key partners.

Stakeholder engagement and participation

RECOFTC conducts capacity building and training of local community forest managers and forestrt officials, and conducts awaremness raising on community forestry and REDD+.

Land tenure arrangements and carbon rights

This projects aims to secure land tenure for forest community sites through support towards establishing Community Forest Agreements and completing the process of full legal recognition for Community Forests and user rights for local communities. 

Land Tenure Before Implementation

Incomplete Community Forest registration and establishment of Community Forest Agreements.

Land Tenure After Implementation

Registration and completion of the full Community Forest Management steps as outlined in National Forestry Programme, which will secure Community Forest Agreements and tenure rights.