Support to National Assessment and Long-Term Monitoring of the Forest and Tree Resources in Vietnam



The National Forest Assessment (NFA) is the basis for Vietnam’s MRV system for REDD and has been designed and implemented in collaboration with other on-going government and donor related activities including UN-REDD and Forest Monitoring Information Systems (FORMIS).

The NFA is a three-year project, initiated in March 2011 by the Food and Agricultural Organisation of the United Nations (FAO). It forms part of the €14 million FAO-Government of Finland global forest partnership programme “Sustainable Forest Management in a Changing Climate”. Vietnam's NFA is being implemented by the Forest Inventory and Planning Institute (FIPI), with the supervision of the Vietnam Administration of Forestry (VNFOREST) under the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD).

The main objective of the NFA is to assist MARD/VNFOREST in developing the National Forest Inventory and Monitoring Programme (NFIMAP) by: 1) strengthening the institutional capacity of MARD/VNFOREST, focusing on the FIPI; 2) harmonising and updating the information on forests and trees and related use and users; 3) consolidating the resource monitoring system; and, 4) providing information for the review of the forestry sector policy in light of the results from the forest resources assessment. 

The project aims to achieve: 1) broad consensus at the national level on the needs and approach to NFIMAP in Vietnam by taking into account national users’ requirements and country’s obligations to reporting to international processes, including REDD+; 2) strengthened capacity of VNFOREST and FIPI to collect, analyse and disseminate information on forest resources, uses and users; 3) the bases for the development of national forest and land use maps that serve also for REDD+ monitoring and the development of the national Forest Management Information system (FOMIS); 4) an operationalised national assessment of the   forest and trees outside forest resources; and 5) an established framework for the long term monitoring of the forestry resources.

Stakeholder participation is identified as central to the design of the NFA approach in the project document. A participatory approach to resource assessment and monitoring is taken, identifying users’ needs and putting in place mechanisms for information and management sharing. Stakeholder engagement during the carbon monitoring phase includes the participation of forest owners. At the project’s conclusion, meetings and consultations with key stakeholders will be held to decide who should be given access to the project’s findings.

The NFA supports the National REDD Programme through the development of emission factors for all major forest types, as well as the development of the REL/RL and linkages with the MRV system.

For full project details, please visit the FAO's project page here.