Strengthening the VNGO & CC network, improving awareness among forest dependent communities in Vietnam about climate change, and consulting them on their readiness to participate in REDD



This project aimed to build the capacity of the VNGO & CC network (Vietnam Non-Governmental Organisations and Climate Change Network) and raise the awareness of local communities about climate change and REDD+. 

Improving the knowledge of local communities, especially the ethnic minorities whose livelihoods depend closely on forests, on climate change, forest management, and the opportunities and challenges of REDD+, is essential for their effective participation in the negotiation and planning process. The Centre for Sustainable Rural Development (SRD), the Centre for the Sustainable Development in Mountainous Areas (CDSM) and the Centre of Research and Development in Upland Areas (CERDA) have been collaborating to host training and consultation workshops to increase understanding and awareness of REDD+ amongst the communities who serve to be most affected by it. In doing so, this project aimed to understand their perceptions of, and collect their feedback regarding, the potential benefits and risks of REDD+, and understand their overall readiness, including their capacity and willingness to participate, in local REDD+ interventions. 

The project provided an important opportunity to strengthen the relationship and communications between NGOs and government agencies on the subject of REDD+ planning and implementation.   The projects outputs included: 1) 9 workshops held in selected communes, attended by a total of over 200 local people, to improve their understanding about climate change and specifically REDD, and to consult participants about their readiness to participate in REDD activities; 2) 900 handbooks and 900 ballpoint pens produced to convey key messages about climate change to participants’ of the project’s workshops; 3) Participants, previously having limited to no understanding of climate change and REDD, increased their understanding of the important role of forests for their own livelihoods and in mitigating climate change, as well as understanding their own roles in forest rehabilitation and forest protection, and getting a basic overview of the potential benefits of REDD for their community; and, 4) Agreement been reached on developing a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between representatives of Government Agencies (heads of Department of Hydrology, Meteorology and Climate Change, MONRE) and representatives of NGOs (chairman of VNGO&CC and CCWG).