The Sangha Trinational (TNS) Landscape: Multisector Cooperation and Sustainable Financing for Transboundary Conservation in the Congo Basin



The Sangha Trinational (TNS) Forest Conservation Area is a trans-boundary forest region, located in Cameroon, Republic of Congo and the Central African Republic. Created in 2000 by the Governments of Cameroon, CAR and RoC, this forest complex is considered to be one of the most important conservation areas in Central Africa. 

A number of partners (e.g. KfW, AFD, USAID) support the sustainable management of this landscape, which includes concession forestry. The multipartner transboundary project is planning to extend initial conservation objectives to include REDD+. In Cameroon the main project implementers are WWF and COMIFAC. IUCN recently carried out an assessment of the drivers of deforestation in the TNS and TRIDOM landscapes in order to begin planning for a future REDD+ project.