Reforestation Sierra Piura



This is a Afforestation/Reforestation (A/R) voluntary carbon project certified by the Rainforest Alliance according to the CarbonFix Standards. The project is being implemented as a ne collaborative effort between nine caserios (rural areas) in the upper area of the Sierra Piura (3000m above sea level), CEPICAFE (Fairtrade Coffee Association), NorAndinao (a local Peruvian farmer organisation), the Peruvian NGO Progreso, AVSF-CICDA, and two organisations based in the Netherlands; Just Green, which is responsible for project development, and Forest Sense, which provides the project with technical support. 

The aim of the project is to develop a long term sustainable forestry programme involving the sustainable production of timber and firewood, thereby alleviating pressure on the area's existing natural forests in the middle and lower parts of the Sierra Piura, dominated by coffee and cacao production respectively. Carbon revenue from reforestation of the upper area (3000m) is invested into adaptation and mitigation efforts in the coffee production areas. These include increasing tree cover through the planting of shade trees and the reforestation of degraded agricultural land.

The project is aiming to get validation and verification by the Technical Team of the CarbonFix Standard/Gold Standard, according to the Gold Standard. It is aiming to get certification by the Rainforest Alliance according to the CarbonFix Standard (in transition).