REDD+ Strategy Development and Implementation Process in Tanzania



This project aims to ensure Tanzania participates and benefits from global funding opportunities relating to REDD+ through national REDD+ strategy development and implementation processes by national REDD Task Force and stakeholders. The expected outputs include: 1) national REDD Secretariat strengthened; 2) mechanisms to coordinate, implement, and monitor REDD+ processes strengthened; 3) national and local consultation and awareness creation on REDD+ processes established and implemented; 4) REDD+ learning network established and information management strengthened; 5) social and environmental safeguard processes for REDD+ established and implemented; 6) national REDD+ Strategy finalised and Action Plan prepared and mainstreamed; 7) National Carbon Monitoring Centre (NCMC) and national REDD+ financing mechanism developed and operational; 8) engagement of public-private partnerships. The National REDD+ Task Force will work closely with five Technical Working Groups (TWGs), who will provide technical input during the process of developing the National REDD+ Strategy, and coordinate activities national institutions, non-governmental stakeholders and civil society in order to achieve the expected outputs. The Task Force will also work closely with the Royal Norwegian Embassy in Dar es Salaam, who provides the funding for the project, to identify suitable project partners to achieve the project goals. 

Stakeholder engagement and participation

The Development of the National REDD+ Strategy has been based on a stakeholder consultation plan formulated to be used during the Readiness Preparation Proposal and Readiness phase. Stakeholder engagement and participation is coordinated by the Task Force and have taken place at the national and sub-national levels, involving government and non-governmental stakeholders. Based on these consultations a first and second draft National REDD+ Strategy have been developed, as well as a draft national Action Plan. These second draft of the Strategy have been subject to public review. An amended version incorporating comments made during the consultation and public review period is currently under development.