REDD+ Social and Environmental Standards - Central Kalimantan



REDD+ SES aims to support the development of national REDD+ programmes that have positive impacts on human rights, poverty alleviation and biodiversity conservation. The standards were deveoped though extensive consultations to define high social and environmental performance of REDD+ initatives. 

Central Kalimantan is a pilot ptovince for REDD+ in Indonesia. Since August 2010, this initative has aimed to establish provincial wide REDD+ safeguards by enploying the REDD+ SES process. Financed by the Clinton Cliate Initiative, the rEDD+ SES process was implemented throughout 2011. The ten step process involved the establishment of facilitation teams, awareness raising, capacity building, and developing a plan for implementation. 

In February 2012, a formal submission to the governor of Central Kalimantan was made for a safeguard system comprised of 7 principles, 27 criteria and 82 indicators specifically tailored to the province's context.