REDD in Small Scale Forestry Concessions in Madre de Dios



Bosques Amazónicos (BAM) has partnered with the Madre de Dios Federation of Small Forestry Concessions (FEFOREMAD) to protect and conserve 85,000 hectares of small forestry concessions. FEFOREMAD comprises 200 members, with concessions of an average size of 500 hectares.

BAM has developed a long-term strategy to increase the income derived from environmentally sustainable forestry and empower concessioners to protect their natural resources. BAM is empowering concessionaires to protect their land and livelihoods and respond to the threats of illegal mining and slash-and-burn agriculture. The project will increase the value of forest resources and the sustainable incomes of concessionaires, through an on-site sawmill and processing plant, FSC certification in forest management to ensure environmental standards and to boost product value, and the sale of carbon credits from the reforestation of degraded concession areas.