Promotion of Sustainable Forest and Land Management in the Vietnam Uplands



This project aims to promote forest and biodiversity conservation, preserve forest resources and reduce land degradation. It aims to do so by enhancing institutional capacity, promoting diversification and thus improving community livelihoods, and applying sustainable forest management (SFM) and sustainable land management (SLM) techniques in selected districts in allocated or rented forest land of the uplands in Bac Kan Province. 

This project falls under the umbrella programme: the Country Programme Framework for Sustainable Forest and Land Management (CPFSFLM) launched by the Government of Vietnam and prepared by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD), with assistance from the World Bank, to prevent deforestation.

The focus of this IFAD intervention is on stimulating and supporting actions by rural communities in upland regions of Vietnam to reduce the rate of deforestation and land degradation and enhance the role of communities in stewardship for forest and upland areas. The overall goal of the IFAD-GEF operation will be to sustainably reduce the underlying causes of household vulnerability and improve household resilience. The project has three main lines of action: 1) Promotion of Sustainable Forest and Land Management (SFLM); (2) Linking Rural Livelihoods to Sustainable Land Management, and (3) Support to the Implementation of the Forest Land Allocation Process.