Programme for Forest Information Management in Lao People’s Democratic Republic



The objective of the Forest Information Programme is capacity building for the development and management of national level forest data as a basis for REDD+. The project aims to improve forest information management and in doing so contribute to sustainable forest and land management as well as climate change mitigation.

Activities include procurement and technical assistance.


The Forest Resource Information Centre was constructed, and equipment such as satellite imagery for the whole country, remote-sensing/GIS software, and field survey equipment were provided.

Technical assistance:

Technical assistance for national-level remote sensing analysis, national-level forest inventory survey, and database development and management was provided. The outputs include the forest base map in 2010 and 2005, the national-level forestry inventory, database management system, and so on.

Technical assistance was finalised in June 2013. With the completion of FIM, JICA will commence a technical assistance project which aims to compile the information on forest carbon dynamics at the national level, and design the prototype of the National Forest Information Database and the next round of the National Forest Inventory in 2013.

Reference levels

The creation of forest base maps and change assessments is useful for the development of a reference emission level (REL). 


Through capacity building and the establishment of the Forest Resource Information Centre and an information management system, the project supports the development of a national MRV system.