Pilot model of capacity building for ethnic minority community’s readiness for REDD programme



This project forms part of the global NORAD (Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation) funded project “Enhancing effective participation of and securing fair benefits of indigenous peoples in REDD-plus policies and programmes”, which is being implemented in 8 countries including Nepal, Indonesia, Vietnam, Cameroon, Kenya, Peru, Philippine and Nicaragua. Tebtebba (the Indigenous People’ International Centre for Policy and Education) located in Baguio in the Philippines is responsible for coordinating the project. T

The overall project objective is that ethnic minorities in pilot areas are ready for REDD with full participation and fair benefits. The results of this pilot are to be shared at the national level in order to inform the development of carbon/REDD+ policies and improved forest management in upland areas in Vietnam. this project started in July 2010 in Hanoi and in November 2010 in Thai Nguyen province, where it works with the Cuc Dong and Thuong Nung communes in Vo Nhai district. 

The projects five main objectives are: 1) the development of a database for implementation of REDD and REDD+ in pilot area; 2) that households in pilot communes have better access to forest land tenure and forestry policies; 3) awareness raising of all stakeholders in pilot communes to increase their paprticipation in REDD+; 4) the development of pilot models; 5) the sharing of results/lessons learned from the pilot at the national level in order to contribute to the development of relevant REDD+ policies.