Participatory Governance Assessment for REDD+ in Vietnam



The preparatory phase for the PGA was initiated in 2012, with a ‘kick off’ workshop held in Hanoi in March. The overall aim of the PGA is to define a set of governance indicators agreed by REDD+ stakeholders that will inform the set-up of a system to report on safeguards.

Participatory Governance Assessment (PGA) is a participatory approach to developing governance data that is measurable over a period of time. A PGA aims at assessing how the information generated can be used by both civil society and government in decision-making and for increased accountability.

A PGA involves a diverse range of stakeholders central to the process and as such ensures that it is fully initiated, implemented and sustained by national and sub-national actors. Involvement of these actors in the design and choice of the methodology used and in the selection of the framework to be measures ensures that the data developed is both legitimate and relevant to the context of Vietnam and can therefore can strongly influence policy making and enhanced accountability. A participatory approach to governance can increase accountability, participation, transparency and legitimacy over more external assessments.

The PGA for REDD+ aims to contribute to the development of national systems providing relevant information on how safeguards are being promoted, addresses and respected, as recommended in the Cancun Agreements.

As well as increasing accountability, information-sharing and transparency, the PGA also involves a capacity-building and training component, enabling different stakeholders to provide relevant, reliable and timely information and encouraging civil society to act on the available information.

The 12 month preparatory phase was proposed to involve the selection of a pilot province with subsequent stakeholder consultations, data analysis and information-dissemination and eventual scaling up the PGA throughout 2013.

The initial phase of the PGA was implemented by the UN-REDD Programme through the National Programme, however on completion of the National Programme, the PGA continued under the direct implementation of the United National Development Programme (UNDP).  

The PGA is being executed in close collaboration with the FAO’s work on exploring the feasibility for a Forest Governance Monitoring (FGM) initiative, to enhance data collection and indicators on forestry.