Forestry Sector Capacity Development Project



The Forestry Sector Capacity Development Project (FSCAP) aims to build the capacity of the forestry sector through assisting the formulation, implementation and monitoring of policies and legislation, which are related to the country’s Forest Strategy to the Year 2020 (FS 2020) and the five-year plan (2011-2015) of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF).

The overall goal of the FSCAP is to promote sustainable forest resource management. The project has two main objectives: 1) improving the capacity for formulating plans, policies, and the institutional framework for management of the forestry sector including REDD+; and 2) improving the capacity for managing implementation of selected strategic policies identified as high priority in the FS 2020, the climate change strategy, and MAF 5 year plan (2011-2015).

FSCAP activities especially related to REDD+ are 1) support to the secretariat of the REDD Task Force of Lao PDR together with other donors, 2) coordination of REDD+ related activities, 3) technical support for formulating REDD+ related legislation, and so on. Other activities are general measures to promote sustainable forest management such as 1) coordination of stakeholders in the forestry sector, 2) trainings for government staff, 3) village forestry management, 4) smallholder teak plantation management, and so on.

Stakeholder engagement and participation

The Project plays an important role in coordination among relevant stakeholders of the forestry sector including relevant authorities of GOL as well as development partners and initiatives. Stakeholder consultations will be conducted through the Forestry Sub-Sector Working Group meetings and cross-sectoral consultations with policy makers.