CO2OL Biodiversity Reforestation, Vietnam



CO2OL Biodiversity Reforestation is the reforestation of former fallow land or excessively used grasslands in  an area of state-owned forest in Kon Tum Province, Vietnam. Reforestation is achieved through the planting of native trees and the project is financed through the sale of carbon credits. The area is characterised by high biodiversity. Restoration of secondary forest can promote biodiversity conservation in incerasing the connectivity of habitats via the restoration of habitat corridors. Reforestation aims to sustain the provision of vital ecosystem goods and services and also provide a means of employment for local communities.   

The project is developed by the ForestFinance Group and the State Forest Enterprise (SFE) and supervised and audited by several government departments. Certification is conducted by CO2OL Carbon Consult and the project is certified to both CCB (Climate, community and Biodiversity) and CarbonFix standards. The contracting parties are the ForestFinance Group and the SFE (State Forest Enterprise). The reforestation project is supervised and audited by several governmental departments.