Angai Villages Land Forest Reserve (Tanzania)



An international umbrella research project called "The role of Participatory Forest Management in Mitigation of and Adaptation  to Climate Change: Opportunities and Constrains" carried out research activities in the Angai Villages Land Forest Reserve (AVLFR) between 2009-2012. This project involved several elements of REDD+. It was funded by the Academy of Finland, coordinated by the University of Helsinki, and involving a number of collaborating partners to implement REDD+ planning activities, including the district office, the Sokoine University for Agriculture (Tanzania), University of Copenhagen (Denmark), University of Leeds (UK), University of Padova (Italy), the Clinton Foundation Climate Change Initiative (CCI), the Mpingo Conservation and Development Initiative (MCDI) and IUCN.  The AVLFR is one of the largest PFM sites in Tanzania and it is one of three national sites included in the Tanzanian Group on Earth Observation- Forest Carbon Tracking National Demonstration Project (GEO-FTNDP). The aim of the project was to identify the practical models of livelihood diversification through participatory forest management (PFM), including the opportunities and constraints for local communities to engage in REDD+ and possible Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. The purpose of the project was to explore alternative income generating opportunities from these diverse livelihood strategies. In order to achieve these objectives the project took a participatory action research approach and carried out action research in the case study villages for periods of time throughout the project period. Activities included: training and testing of participant carbon monitoring techniques and forest assessments; carrying out of a Social Impact Assessment; participant land-use planning; funding towards completing essential steps of the PFM process such as the development of a Forest Management Plan and village by-laws, and the demarcation of the village land forest reserve. Additional activities include a feasibility study carried out by the CCI on the potential for sequestration and trading of carbon stocks. Currently there are no REDD+ planning activities taking place in the AVLFR. In 2011 the Lindi and Mtwara Agribusiness Support project (LIMAS) was implemented, which focus mainly on sustainable forest management and forest enterprise activities but not in relation to REDD+. 

Land Tenure Before Implementation

Village Land Forest Reserve in the process of completing PFM registration requirements.

Land Tenure After Implementation

Village Land Forest Reserve with completed PFM regitration, including forest management plans and by-laws.