Ministry of Rural Development and Land (Bolivia)

Ministerio de Desarrollo Rural y Tierras (Bolivia)


The MDRyT was created in 2009 by Supreme Decree 29894 which divided the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Environment into two new ministries, the MDTyR and the Ministry of Environment and Water (MMAyA).

The Ministry of Rural Development and Land is in charge of defining and implementing policies for the sustainable integral development of the agricultural, livestock, forestry and coca sectors. It has three Viceministries: (i) Rural Development, Agriculture and Livestock; (ii) Land; and (iii) Integral Development and Coca.

Functions of the MDTyR include: (i) the classification of land according to its best use through the preparation and validation of Soil Use Plans (Planes de Uso de Suelo; PLUS); and (ii) Evaluating whether the use of land meets a socioeconomic purpose (Función Económico Social; FES). Failure to meet a socioeconomic purpose can result in expropriation.

The Viceministry of Land is responsible for driving forward the agrarian reform agenda by designing and implementing programmes for access to land and its distribution and redistribution. The National Agrarian Reform Institute (Instituto Nacional de la Reforma Agraria; INRA) reports to the MDRyT, as does the For​est and Land Audit and Social Control Authority (ABT) (Supreme Decree 0429 of 2010).