Live & Learn Environmental Education (Solomon Islands)



Live & Learn Environmental Education (LLEE) is an environmental action-focused education NGO working with local organisations and communities in 11 countries in the Asia – Pacific region. LLEE began providing environmental and conservation education programmes in Queensland, Australia, in 1992. In 1995 it opened its first country office in the Pacific in the Solomon Islands and since then the organisation has continued to grow and expand its activities to other countries in the region.

LLEE work through its local networks and encourages partnerships between local NGOs, community groups and government to share knowledge and skills for the benefit of the physical and human environment. It promotes the integration of concepts such as human rights, environmentalism, culture, and social and gender equality within its projects and programmes and work through an action-based model of teaching and creative learning.

In Solomon Islands LLEE partners with a number of government partners, including: Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Disaster Management and Meteorology; Ministry of Forests and Research; Ministry of Women, Youth and Children’s Affairs; Ministry of Education and Human Resources Management; Ministry of Health and Medical Services.

In Solomon Islands LLEE mainly work in 4 provinces: Izabel, Rennel and Belona, Makira-Ulawa, and some islands in the Western Province where they work through community facilitators. LLEE is implementing two REDD+ pilot projects on Choisul island, which are being developed to meet requirements of the Plan Vivo Standard.

LLEE is also actively involved with reducing illegal logging in Solomon Islands. For example,  through advocacy and lobbying of the government and industry and by providing training and support to local communities on how to halt illegal activities from taking place on their land.