Conservation International (Fiji)



Conservation International (CI) is an international conservation NGO active in REDD+ developments globally. In Fiji, CI is actively involved with the national REDD+ process. It is a member of the REDD+ Steering Committee where, together with Live and Learn Environmental Education (LLEE), it represents the NGO and practitioner perspective to inform the national process. One of its main tasks on the Committee is to contribute to the national stakeholder engagement and participation process and together with LLEE it is assisting in the compiling of outreach and consultation materials for each stakeholder group.

At the sub-national level CI is implementing the Nakauvadra Community Based Reforestation Project in Ra province on the island of Viti Levu. The project is funded by Fiji Water, who is investing in a portfolio of forest carbon initiatives, and has been identified as a potential national REDD+ pilot site. In October 2013 it successfully achieved Gold validation under the Climate Community and Biodiversity (CCB) Standard.

CI also has a number of ongoing marine and terrestrial conservation activities in Fiji. For example, it has developed a network of locally managed marine areas and is supporting local communities in managing these areas through its “Marine Managed Area Science Programme”; in the Sovi Basin Nature Reserve it has established a 99 year conservation lease with local landowners and work in close partnership with the National Trust of Fiji to protect one of Fiji’s most pristine areas.