Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP)

Le Partenariat pour les Forêts du Bassin du Congo


The Congo Basin Forest Partnership (CBFP) was launched in 2002 at the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in South Africa. The main objective of this partnership is to improve the management of natural resources and increase the standard of living in the Congo Basin. The CBFP now brings together 70 partners from governments, donors, international organisations, NGOs, scientific institutions and the private sector. Formerly under the leadership of France, Germany and - most recently - Canada, the United States is now leading this institution.​ CBFP members recognise the COMIFAC as the main institution for policy development and decision-making for the conservation and management of forests in Central Africa.

The CBFP launched the first publication of the State of the Forests of the Congo Basin in 2006, which has since been institutionalised as a regular publication providing reliable information regarding the state of Congo Basin's forest to policy-makers and practitioners.