Climate Advisers



Climate Advisers believes climate change poses serious economic, security, and environmental risks.  The science is clear and prompt action is essential.  It also believes that by working together, the world can solve the climate crisis and do so by means that promote economic growth, enhance international security, protect the natural world, and enrich socially responsible companies.  But success depends on developing the right strategies, policy frameworks, investments, and partnerships.

That is where we come in.  Founded in 2008, Climate Advisers has rapidly become a leading mission-driven, full-service consulting firm focusing on climate and energy policy.  Our mission is to help clients and partners halt climate change in ways that further the public interest and improve their return on investment.  Working globally but headquartered in Washington, DC, Climate Advisers specializes in U.S. climate change policy, international climate cooperation, global carbon markets, and climate-related forest conservation.  Over the past two years we have carried out important original research, convened leading climate change stakeholders, forged new political coalitions, mobilized new voices for climate action, and advised senior policy makers in the Obama Administration and Congress.  Our supporters and partners include leading national governments, international financial institutions, companies, think tanks, philanthropic foundations, conservation organizations, and climate advocacy groups.

Importantly, Climate Advisers is a new type of organization that cuts across traditional boundaries.  We combine the rigorous analysis of an independent research institution, strategic approach and responsiveness of a consulting firm, outreach capacity of a government relations shop, communications skills of a public relations outfit, mediation skills of a professional facilitator, and, vitally, mission-driven values of a public interest advocate.  In brief, Climate Advisers marries the professionalism, talent, discipline, and nimbleness of the private sector with the values and goals of the non-profit community.