The Center for People and Forests (Cambodia)

Regional Community Forestry Training Center for Asia and the Pacific


RECOFTC’s main focus in Cambodia is to help local communities and the government to establish legal Community Forestry (CF) sites countrywide and ensure their long-term economic viability. This involves assisting communities in establishing and securing legal agreements for CFs; providing support towards implementing management plans in Community Forestry areas that have Community Forest Agreements in place, but need support in ensuring management practices follow the approved management plan; raising community awareness about emerging systems such as REDD+; and helping forest communities exploring and setting up potential forestry enterprises. At the national level RECOFTC has been participating as an observer in REDD+ Task Force meetings during the development of the Cambodia REDD+ Roadmap in 2010. It is a member of the Technical Working Group on Forestry and Reform (TWG-FR), and the National Forest Program Task Force (NFPTF). It is also part of the informal REDD+ Working Group, a Group that meets regularly in Phnom Pehn and is made up of NGOs working on REDD+ in Cambodia. RECOFTC has conducted a number of capacity building workshops for government and civil society on REDD+, and has contributed to awareness raising by translating REDD+ dissemination materials into Khmer.