Asia Forest Network



The ASIA FOREST NETWORK is dedicated to supporting the role of communities in protection and sustainable use of Asia's forests. AFN is comprised of a coalition of planners, policy makers, government foresters, scientists, researchers, and NGOs.Since its founding in 1987, AFN has become affiliated with over thirty institutions and 700 individuals from Asia, Europe, United States, Africa, South America, and Canada.Five strategies serve as guidepost in its development approach: Regional Exchanges, Country Working Groups, Development of Field Methods, Cross-Visits, and the Documentation of Case Studies.Field experiences are synthesized through publications serving as an important avenue for sharing community practices and developments in forest management. They facilitate exchanges on creative relationships and strategies for enhancing the quality of local governance and collaborative agreements. Also, they create national and regional awareness of what communities, support organizations, local governments, and working groups are achieving in natural resource management.Publications include Network Research Reports, Working Papers, Case Studies, and Field Methods Mapping Manuals. Field research covers topics including natural regeneration, non-timber forest products, conflict resolution, and supporting local institutions that facilitate participatory natural resource management. Lessons derived from the research are used as input for field implementation procedures, training reorientation, and national policy reform. Most of these are in the AFN publications which are available on this website.